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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy help you understand how we collect, how we used, how we disclose and how we store your personal information. This privacy policy apply to this website, our mobile application or pages of this website and operated by us or our/ users of this website. By using our services in this website you agree that your personal information may be used in accordance with this privacy policy. Please carefully review this privacy policy and term of service before using this website. You will contact us if you have any query / question regarding this privacy policy.

Collection and use of personal information of users of this website

Personal information is generally which information that can be used to identify users on this website or contact with users of this website. When users used services on this website we may collect and store personal information of users to provide our better services to users and improved the services that we provide to users of this site. Below are some examples of personal information which we collect from users and how we used that information.

Information provided by users

Vendor Registration and account details

When vendor register an account on this site we may collect certain personal information of vendor i.e. First name, last name, email id, address, and mobile number. If users share personal information of others (vendors) like as partner or guest on this site, users are representing that they are authorized ton provide us with their information and that we may treat it in accordance with this privacy policy. Users can browse the website without having to input their personal information. Users have option of not providing any detailed while browse this website. But we may automatically track certain personal information that put up by category selection, deselect ion etc .on this website. We used this information as users friendly as possible to personalized users need and their requirements. Which may includes location of users, date and time of visiting the website, users IP address, type of browser which used by users etc.


Costumer services

When website users as customer contact us through any channels of customer support like e mail, web portal and phone number. That time we collect personal information to tracking and respond to customer enquiry to improve vendor services. In order to help customer better our vendor efficiently access the information provided on this platform, we collect certain information from customer. Customer may be required to register their name, address, e mail ID, phone number. This information is collected to customize the contents which customer see, for able to adhere to customer specific request and to contact customer contact about our services which serve on website.

Communication with vendors

We collect some personal information when a customer contact to a vendor through any channel of communication like e mail, phone number, address to direct visit etc. vendors/ customer should not include any password, debit/credit card or other sensitive information via this website. On this website vendors added their service detail information only provided, we reserve right to do not share any payment related information by vendor/ customer through this website.

Payment information

If customers want to purchase any service through registered vendor, Customer may not need to provide your payment information or other personal information to us. While vendor register on this website we capture personal information and payment information such as name, address, e mail, mobile number etc.

Service reviews

While users (customer) browse services on this website, if those users used particular service we required that users will enter their review of that particular used service. While users enter their review, we collect some information i.e. name, e mail, preferences etc. this information collecting for to help customer to choose better services provider and to help us provide better services to our users. The above information also helps to vendor to enhance their service providing activity. .

Collect information from third party

Sometime may supplementary personal information provide by you to us with additional information obtained from publicly available sources or from other than company. Our affiliates and third parties which we truncation done for business purposes. We have maintained several social networking and blogging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Google, Wikipedia etc. We incorporate some third party social networking features in our website or utilized the third party provided platforms to publish or manage the our services for publicity of our vendor business. Through these platforms and features, we may receive some personal information about our vendor or website users, and this Privacy policy applies to our collection of that information. In addition, we have to analyzed that some third party providers social networking or blogging platforms we utilized for publicity of our vendors business have their own privacy policies which explain how the third parties that provide them may collect, use and protect our website vendors and users information on their platforms.

Information Collected During Use of Services

Device Information

While vendors or user (Customer) visit our website we some collect information related to device which users uses while visit to our website. That time we collect information like operating system, IP address, ISP, device MAC IP etc. information collect for some security reasons.

Activity of Users

We may collect information about how you use our website services, like that types of content you view or how engaged with; the features you use; the actions on website you take; the user and vendor you interact with; time of frequency; duration of activities. For example, we may collects log when you are using and have last used of our website services, and what pages and content you view on our services of website. We used this information for a variety of purposes, including tailoring the services to vendors and users preferences and otherwise improve our vendors and users experience, to operate and administer the services on our website, to conduct research and analytics, to assess our vendors and users interest in the services, to deliver advertisements that may interest to vendors and their customer (Users), and keep the services secure. We may deploy various tracking technologies to collect this information. For example as below:

“Cookies” are the small data files stored on your computer or device to collect information about your (Vendors & Users) use of the services. In addition to the general purposes listed above, cookies may enable us to recognize you as the same user who was at our Site in the past, and relate your use of the site to other information we have about you. Cookies may also be used to enhance your experience on the site (for example, storing your username) and or to collect general usage and aggregate statistical information. Most browsers can set to detect cookies and give you an opportunity to reject them, but refusing cookies may, in some cases, limit your use of the site or its features.

“Pixel tag” is a tiny image, typically just one pixel, that can be placed on a web page or in our electronic communications with vendors and users in order to help us measure the effectiveness of our content by, for example, counting the number of individuals who visit us online through website or mobile app or verifying whether vendors or users have opened one of our web pages.

“HTML5” (its language for use to coding/development of website) it may be used to store information on vendors or users’ computer or device which about usage of the services on the website so that we may improve and customize them for you.

Please note that our website includes the above tracking technologies and others which operated by both us and third parties which above mentioned.

How we use your personal information

We will use and share your personal information with 3rd parties only in the way describe in this privacy policy.

Administer our site and services. We do not use personal information of customers (Users) to operate our services and fulfill the transactions that you request. For example, we do not use users information to display and customize the services provide the community features. We provide the vendor catalogue reviews systems, administer contains and sweepstakes, and operate are e-Commerce store.

Provide customer support. when you contact customer support, we may use ours or request personal information as necessary to answer your questions, resolve disputes, or investigate complaints. In some instances, we may be required to process one customer personal information to resolve another customer’s dispute or request. For example, if a customer reports behavior that violates is terms of service, we will separate process both customers personal information and respond separately to each individual as appropriate.

Ensure the security of our services. to ensure your continued enjoyment of our services, we may process your personal information to help monitor, prevent and detect fraud, in hand security, monitor and verify identity or access, and combat spam or other malware or security risk improve and in force our security measures, and to monitor the security of our services.

Send transactional communication. We not process user personal information to send transactional communications. Because we not maintain any login process for customers or user they search services here. We share information of vendors which they login for our services for sale their services to our website. We contacting with vendors via email, phone, app notifications or text messaging to inform vendors about update to our services, information about your account. This includes customer support communication with vendors to respond to your questions, concerns, feedback, disputes or issues. Transactional communications are not promotional in nature could stop you may be able to modify your contact preferences, but you will not be able to unsubscribe from all such communications otherwise, you might miss important information about your account, the services, or transactions you engage in one of the site.

Post testimonials. we may use personal information to post testimonials on our website.

Protect our rights and interest. we may use personal information if we determine that it is necessary to protect our rights and interest are to in force compliance with our terms of use, privacy policies, or to protect our services, users or others.

Conduct analytics, research and development. We may also use personal information for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our services and customer communications, as well as to develop new products and offerings.

Send ads and other sponsored content. we may use personal information we obtain from you, you interactions with our services, and from 3rd party sources to provide you with marketing and promotional communications, to deliver targeted and relevant advertising and marketing to you, to determine the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional campaigns, to better understand you and your preferences, and to position and promote our services. Our marketing will be conducted in accordance with your marketing preferences and as permitted by applicable law.

Other purposes describe add the time of information collection, use, or sharing. we may in some circumstances notify you or sick your consent to use your personal information in other ways, as describe just before collection, usage, or sharing of your personal information. These notices may be specified to certain parts of our services.

Information shared with 3rd parties (For Vendors)

We may share your personal information with 3rd parties to provide or improve our services or to assist us in advertising you of other products or services that may be of interest to you. When we share your personal information with 3rd parties, we required those 3rd parties to handle and protect it in accordance with really want loads and search 3rd parties published privacy policies.

  • Our service providers. We may share information with service providers and contractors who work on our behalf for any of the stated uses of your information. Examples include vendors and service providers who provide assistance with marketing, billing, security, data analysis and insight, Technical Support and customer service.
  • For Fraud and Legal Reasons. we may disclose your personal information when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or property. To protect the safety of you or others, investigate fraud, to comply with the relevant laws, or to respond to government, judicial or other legal, such as law enforcement instructions, official investigations, court orders, warrants.
  • Business Transfers. we may disclose personal information in connection with a corporate transaction, change or dissolution, including for example a merger, investment, acquisition, reorganization, consolidation, bankruptcy, liquidation, sale of assets or wind-down of a business. Such disclosure may include, without limitation, transfer personal information to a purchaser of all or substantially all of the ownership interest or assets of the company or its affiliates, a successor by merger, or an existing or new corporate affiliate.
  • Other Individuals and Services at Your Request. we will share your information with other individuals and services at your request. For example, if you participate in our registry program, then we share your personal information with your friends, family’s, and other Contacts as well as the registry program participants. In some instances, you can choose to make you are online registries available to guest and friends via a password. If you do not elect this option, then anyone visiting will be able to search for and view your registry by using your first and / or last name and other information regarding your business.
  • Our corporate affiliates. we have or may have parents, subsidiaries, joint ventures or other affiliates companies (collectively, “Affiliate companies”) We may share some or all of your personal information with affiliated companies for example reasons, including, without limitation, to help us provide our services or for the affiliate companies own business or marketing purposes.
  • 3rd party partners to provide Co branded products and services. in some cases, we may share personal information with 3rd party partners to provide Co branded products or services, including contents, sweepstakes, and joint activities. For example, if you choose to interact with such Co branded products or services with us, we may share your interest with 3rd parties as required to provide the Co branded product or service that you request.
  • 3rd party partners for marketing purposes. we may share your information with partners whose offering we thing may interest you. For example, if you participate in the registry program, we share information including, without limitation, your first name, first initial of your last name, etc. with our affiliates and other 3rd parties (Organizations that have offerings we think may interest you, registry program participants, retailers, other program participants, and other 3rd parties) for their marketing and other purposes.
  • With vendors. We may share personal information, including contact information and activity on the services, with certain vendors. For example, if you communicate with a vendor you connect with through the services, including via phone, email or other similar communication, we may share personal information Such as your name, email addresses, etc., as well as the contents of your message. So that the vendor may contact you with customize offers and messages and use your personal information Pursuant to search vendors privacy policy, user agreement or other policies in place governing such vendors use of your information.

Links to other websites

The service may contain links, banners, widgets or advertisements that lead to other websites not subject to this privacy policy. Some of our services, you may be able to register with purchase directly from 3rd party retailers which publish as a vendor on this website. We are not responsible for the privacy practice is or the content of any other websites to which the services link or which link to our services. The privacy policies of the other sites will go on the collection and use of your information there on, and we encourage you to read each such policy to learn about how your information may be treated by others.

Retention (For Vendors)

We save your personal information at least until your account membership with us is terminated and you unsubscribe to email notifications or our membership. You may continue to receive email communications for a short period of time until we have updated our entire database. After termination of your membership, at our Discretion, your personal information May remain on our archive database and records or it may be deleted. Notwithstanding the about, we may maintain information on users who have been removed for violating our membership agreement are ads otherwise required pursuant to law, and we may maintain email addresses in our unsubscribe list.

How we protect personal information

We understand how important your privacy is to you, which is why we maintain appropriate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal information you entrust to us. Some of our services use 3rd party payment processors to process payments pursuant to their privacy policies.

Please note, however, that with current technology, the security of your personal information as it travels over the Internet or as it resides in any storage system cannot be guarantee to completely secure.

When you sign up for an account, you will establish a user ID and password. You are responsible to maintaining the password as confidential. You are responsible for any activity that occurs on your account as a result of you sharing your password with another or failing to protect it. We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to maintain the confidentiality of your password.

If you correspond with us by email, text message or using web forms like a “Contact Me” features on our services or website, you should be aware that you are transmission might not be secure from access by another is parties. If you create an account with us, you are responsible to maintaining the confidentiality of your account password and for any activity that occurs under your account.

We cannot insure or warrant the security or confidentiality of information you transmit to us or received from us by Internet or wireless connection, including email, phone, or text, since we have no way of protecting that information once it leaves and until it reaches us. If you have a reason to believe that your data is no longer secure, please contact us at the email address or mailing address listed at the end of this privacy policy.

Children’s personal information

Our services are design and intended for use by adults. We do not intentionally gather personal information about person who are under the age of 18. If you are under 18. Please do not register on the site, make purchases through the site or send any information about yourself to us, including your name, address, telephone number or email addresses. If you believe that we might have any information from a child under 18, please contact us at

International users

Our services are targeted to individuals located in the India and currently in Maharashtra. If you are located outside India when you access our services, you should be aware that your personal information will be transferred to the India or other countries that may have data protection laws that are less protective then the laws of the jurisdiction in which year reside. We will handle your personal information in the manner described in this privacy policy. If you do not reside in India and you do not want your information processed or maintain outside of the country or jurisdiction where you are located, you should not use our services.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may update this privacy policy as our services change and expand. If changes are significant, we will provide notice by email, pop up notification on our website, or through other means prior to the changes becoming effective.

Once any changes that we make to this privacy policy become effective, you continued use of services after such time will significant your acceptance of the new privacy policy.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy practices you should first contact by emailing and writing “privacy policy” in the subject line.